The first activity for this project will be the development and the distribution of questionnaires for three groups: one for HE professors, one for HE students and one for companies in technical areas. The questions included in these questionnaires will be helpful for the whole project and its activities.

They will be firstly connected with the TECHSTER Teacher Toolbox and Teacher Guide as the answer will clarify which entrepreneurial and soft skills are most important for tech employers when searching to hire a new employee, will identify which skills need to be improved from the tech students’ part and will indicate on which extend HE professors in technical education are willing to adapt their classes in order to enhance their students’ entrepreneurial and soft skills. Moreover, the questionnaires will include basic questions in regards to the TECHSTER Online Community in order to have a clearer vision on which elements and procedures are preferred by the users and on how to make the platform more interactive.

At the end of this activity, a report will be developed with the main conclusions of this research. Based on these results, the next activities will follow.